I suppose anywhere you go there are phrases and idioms to learn, but I'm finding some of the ones here especially interesting. For instance, after greeting someone, they'll ask "How're ya going?" (not "How're ya doin'? or How's it going?). And, a woman doesn't "get" pregnant - she falls pregnant (i.e. She decided to fall pregnant. -or- She fell pregnant.) Also, if someone invites you to supper, don't expect a meal. Supper here means dessert. An announcement was made that we'd have a pot luck supper after a Church meeting the other day - and it was all cookies (actually - here, cookies are called biscuits) And, yesterday I went swimming with a friend and when I changed into my suit, she said, "I like your costume." They call it a "swimming costume" here.
Below is an interesting recipe from the "supper" the other night:
Mars Bar Slice
4 Mars Bars
4 oz. butter (at least this measurement isn't in grams, like usual)
4 cups rice bubbles (a.k.a. Crispy Rice Cereal)
Choco bits to melt for the top

Melt Mars bars and butter together. Combine with rice bubbles. Press into slice tin. Drizzle melted chocolate over top. Refrigerate, slice and serve.


Susy said...

I love those expressions:) Especially "falling" pregnant:)!!!
And that recipe sounds NASTY!!!

Heather McKeon said...

Are rice bubbles the same as rice crispies?? Cause otherwise I have no idea what that recipe is about!! Hilarious.

Heather said...

Betty, I love a dinner of only cookies ;) hehehe. I am enjoying hearing about your adventures in Australia!!

karen garner said...

Hmmmm - a dinner of cookies - it may be worth moving there for that kind of dinner. So what are rice bubbles? Have you made the recipe? it sounds good.
love, karen g

Laura Crenshaw Chabo said...

That is crazy, Mom! What in the world is a slice tin? A bread pan? You'll have to write another blog with weird down under sayings. Hilarious!