Claire Bear - such a cutie!

Lovely Lily is getting so big. She started pre-school the day after this pic was taken.

Claire likes to climb up her mom and then get flipped over. (Lily likes to help.)

Susy's girls helping her make a smoothie. (Lily doesn't like the noise of the blender.)

Sweet Abby likes her new sliding board.

John, Amanda and Abby posing for the camera.

Abby loves her Aunt Heather!

Bob and Mark in matching shirts. (Mike and John have t-shirts like this also, but they didn't wear them that day.)

6 September 2011

Over Labor Day weekend we had a great time visiting our four children and three grandchildren who live in North Carolina! (And, thus, we completed our summer bucket list.) We arrived at Susy's around midnight on Thursday but didn't have much visit time on Friday since we spent a fair amount of that day taking care of business we had in the area.

Friday evening we finally got to meet Mark's parents! Heather and Mark have been married almost six years and we had yet to meet them. So, knowing we'd be in the area, they invited both us and the McKeon's to dinner at their place. Heather made a delicious meal plus a dessert to die for, and we ate and talked and got to know each other a little bit. It was a very pleasant evening.

Saturday morning I went to the Farmer's Market in Raleigh with John and Mike. I love that place!! And, all places like them! (Wish I'd taken some pics.) Such a grand display of all the abundance of the earth! I bought a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers and zinnias for only $5. Also, picked up some produce and a few items from the German bakery.

Bob and I spent some time at John and Amanda's in the afternoon and enjoyed visiting with Mike there also. Abby was napping during most of that time, so we didn't have time with her until we joined up with the rest of the family at Heather and Mark's neighborhood pool in the late afternoon. The pool wasn't crowded at all and we had a great time splashing around. Afterward, we ordered pizza and chowed down at the McKeon's. Fun day!

Went to church in the Fuquay-Varina Ward Sunday morning and it was fun to see how many people we know there. Everyone gathered at Susy and Todd's that evening for a pot-luck cook out and a rousing game of Apples-to-Apples. (Which, I'm happy to report, I won!! Woohoo!) Then, sometime during the evening, someone discovered the drumsticks (ice cream, not poultry) in Susy's freezer, and several of us enjoyed those as well. :-)

Got to spend a bit of time at Susy's and a bit at John's before we left on Monday. Susy gave Bob a nice long massage while I had some one-on-one time with her kiddos. John initiated his new grill and cooked up a great meal for us as a late lunch before we got on the road. And, we had fun with Abby, as well as with her Uncle Mike and Aunt Heather and Uncle Mark.

Looking forward to our trip back at Thanksgiving!!