23 September 2008
It's Bob's birthday and I arrived in Brisbane about 6:30 a.m. One of my bags didn't arrive with me, so it took a while to leave the airport. (Customs was pretty quick, though.) The huge time difference took it's toll, though, and I slept a lot the first couple of days in country.

Our apartment, on the 20th floor of the Goodwin Apartments in Kangaroo Point, is small but nice and in a good location. We're only about a mile from Church and the temple. And, Bob walks down the hill each day to catch a five-minute ferry ride across the Brisbane River to go to work.

We have an air mattress to sleep on plus a table and folding chairs that we'll move out on the balcony once our things arrive. The ship carrying our belongings is scheduled to land in port here on Oct. 7. We hope they won't keep our things in quarantine too long, but have been told it could be up to a month. I know I shouldn't complain, but it's difficult to be comfortable with such minimal creature comforts. I'm managing to prepare meals with one small pot and one skillet - and we have two plates, two cups, two bowls, etc. . . It's a bit like camping out - on the 20th floor.

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