Wednesday, 1 October 2008
At Church Sunday, they announced the opportunity to help at a local charity that provides services to young people (ages 12 - 24) who have cancer. They are preparing for their big fundraising drive - selling colorful bandanas, pens and such. Since our apartment is empty and I have no other commitments right now, I took the bus to the Brisbane headquarters for CanTeen in Fortitude Valley and spent a couple of hours helping box up orders. Met some very nice people there and told them I'd be back later in the week.

The biggest scooter dealer in Brisbane just happens to be located a few blocks from CanTeen, so I stopped by to check out the Vespas and other scooters. Because of my height, I've found there are few bikes I'm very comfortable on. The one that seems to fit me well is a Sym Mio - but I'm still considering. I did learn of a good training class I enrolled in and am looking forward to taking that on Oct 10.


Susy said...

Hey Mom! Welcome to blogging! I am looking forward to some Australian photos soon!:)
We try and update our blog about once a week so keep checking for new photos and updates!!!
Love you!!!

karen garner said...

I love all your blogs - and volunteering already - you are just too too neat!! I miss you!!

dper said...

Sorry to hear of the accident and the halt to your scooter transportation. We miss you both and pray for your safety.