House on Sep 1, 2010

Making progress

Clearing the lot, April 2010

15 Sep 2010

We're getting excited about being able to move into our own place in about six weeks. Renting is just not the same - I haven't felt really "settled" here, though we moved in nearly a year ago.
We first saw the Potomac Green neighborhood in February. (Remember all that snow? Yup. We were tromping around in it getting ready to make a deposit on this home.)
The house is a nice compact 1-1/2 story, 3-bedroom, 3 bath home in a 55+ community (for active senior living.) We've met the couple who live just to the left of us (as you face the house) and they seem really nice. Turns out they also have six kids - three boys and three girls just like us! The large community center is an easy walk (two blocks) from the house and has an indoor and outdoor pool, an indoor walking track, and lots of fun social and fitness activities to participate in.
Our lot was cleared in mid-April, and construction began about July 5. We had a pre-drywall walk through in late August (so we could see where all the wiring and ductwork is.) They were putting up the insulation before we even finished the walk-through and now the drywall is up; the cabinets and bathtubs are all in place; the counter top is installed in the kitchen (but I didn't see it in the baths, yet.) I can't post any current pics because, right now, everything is completely covered in plastic. They're doing all the interior painting this week.
Not sure if the flooring goes in next week or the following. . .
Will post more pics later.


15 September 2010

We are no longer North Carolinians. The closing on our townhome there went off without a hitch today. And, the money is in the bank to help us buy the house we're building here in Virginia.
Its a good thing most of our kids still live in NC, though, so we can go back and visit one of our favorite places as often as possible!