Making Progress

19 August 2013

Our household goods were delivered two weeks ago, and I've been making steady progress with the unpacking, sorting, etc. Some of our kids have helped, and a couple of ladies from church also helped with part of it. But, there's still plenty left to do. . .

Bob has been in VA since before the moving van arrived, so I've mostly been going it alone. Am looking forward to the day when I can say, "It's done!"

We received a tremendous blessing after we closed and before our furnishings arrived. Once we closed I began meeting with painters to get estimates for painting the inside of the house. And, I hated that we wouldn't be able to get it painted before our stuff arrived. (It's SO much harder to paint once everything is in place.) The last painter I met with asked me, "What if I brought a crew in and painted it this weekend?" Wow! I never imagined that would be possible! I said, "I hate for you to work on Sunday because we don't ever work on Sunday." So, he said, "I'll bring in extra men and we'll do it all on Saturday." So I told him that if his estimate worked with my budget, we had a deal! He gave me the estimate within a few hours after we met and it was the lowest one I got. The entire house was painted, including the ceilings, on the Saturday before we moved in - and they did a good job!! I am so grateful that was able to be done!!

I sent Bob this picture as evidence of some of the work I've done in the past couple of weeks:
And, of course, I've added to the pile since I took this. Yesterday, a woman and her brother brought her mini van and his truck and took all the boxes except four wardrobe boxes and some mirror/picture boxes. They also didn't want most of the packing paper, so I worked with them to pack the paper into trash bags and break down the boxes so they could take them. Whew! Nice to have that much gone as well. It seems more do-able to clear out the boxes and bags that are left. (Our new recycling service told us they will only take up to four boxes a week, so I really needed to be able to give all of this away.)

We have family coming to visit for Labor Day weekend, so that has given me another push for getting everything in order. Glad Bob will be here at the end of the week to help with what's remaining!

This Saturday is our 45th wedding anniversary. I imagine we'll spend it doing something exciting and glamorous — like weeding the yard, trimming the shrubs, and unpacking more boxes! :-)