9 April 2011

Almost two months ago, we booked a river tour of the cherry blossom festival in DC - offering a unique view of the many blossoming cherry trees and significant historic sites in our nation's capital. Then, the trees bloomed early - so, by the time we took our tour, the peak had past. Oh, well. We enjoyed it, nonetheless, and learned a few interesting tidbits about some of the historic buildings situated along the Potomac River.
In spite of the gray, overcast day, the beauties of spring along the Potomac were delightful and we even stopped for a bite to eat at the marina when we finished the tour. Crab cake and clam chowder by the waterfront! Not the best ambiance one could hope for, but very fresh seafood.
Also, I never knew how many different types and colors of cherry blossoms there are. I only knew of the pink ones and the pink-centered white blooms. But, there are red ones, deep pink ones, completely white ones — all types and varieties of blooms. They, no doubt, would have been lovelier had we been able to get there two weeks earlier, but, I'm glad we went anyway.


1 April 2011

For three days this weekend, Bob is at a camp out with some other scouters earning his Wood Badge. He did his first three-day camp out about a month ago. At that one they were divided into patrols and they each had specific assignments to do for this weekend. Bob volunteered to make the patrol flag. Naturally, (Tom Sawyer that he is) he expected that he wouldn't actually be the one making it — but would cajol me into doing it. . . which he did. It turned out pretty well, but its been a while since I worked with fabric paint so some places are kind of smeared.

And, on another note - For several weeks, now, I haven't been able to think of doing anything but work on my genealogy. (Except, of course, make the patrol flag.) :-) Some days I've been at it from sun up to sun down. Its like an addiction! I've hardly done any family history for more than 20 years and now I can't stop. I LOVE being able to do so much research on-line and from my own home!! I keep finding people and connecting families. Its awesome! Plus, I reconnected with a cousin who has shared some great documents (probate record, marriage bonds, etc) with me. It may not sound exciting to some, but its been very exciting to me!!! Hooray! Hooray!

Levin Henry and Mary A (Lofland) Rickard. Photo taken by J.B.Carver, Vandalia, Missouri - sometime in the 1880s.