14 June 2010
Found out recently that our daughter, Laura, is having twins! The due date is Christmas Day, but we expect they'll arrive earlier than that. Should know gender(s) in a few weeks.
Since I'm a twin, I think this is exciting, but Laura has been too sick to feel any real excitement, yet. She can't keep anything down and is on an injection pump with nausea meds - but still spends most of her time either sleeping or sick. She's been placed on modified bed rest. SO, I have been in Ohio with her and her family since May 24th, helping out with all the things Laura isn't able to do. Will be here until the end of July - then will be back another time or two before she has the twins. (The doctor has already told her to plan to be on complete bedrest during the last part of her pregnancy. We're hoping she'll be able to function on her own in Sep and Oct, though.)
Its been a long time since I had the responsibility of caring for three preschoolers, plus doing the cooking, clean up and laundry for this many. I'm feeling my age - though I'm sure its good for me. :-)
We found out recently that my mother has been praying for Laura to have twins since Lucy was born! And, before Laura and Travis were even married, his mother had a dream that they had twins! So, it was just a matter of time. . .