30 October 2010

We turned over the keys to the rental property yesterday — after a very tiring week of going back and forth between cleaning up at the rental (they gave us three pages of instructions for how they expected everything to be cleaned!) and unpacking and organizing things in our new home. (I'm getting too old for this!)

We have a few rooms in order, but still have plenty of boxes to unpack and furniture to assemble. (Bookshelf for the office and a couple of work tables for my studio.) Would like to have everything finished in another week, but, that may not be realistic. . .

I did start planting some spring bulbs yesterday. Will finish up today. I'm planting hyacinths, daffodils and tulips in the bed just at the front of the house - and, hope that at least some of them survive to bloom next spring. Its been years since I planted any bulbs, and the soil in that bed is not very good. I've added some better soil, so we'll see how it goes. Nice to look forward to that come spring.


Living Room

15 October 2010

Today we had our walk-through of the new house. A few dings on the wall, etc will be fixed before the closing next week. The only big item is they forgot to pour the back patio when they poured the front sidewalk. That is scheduled to be done Monday.

Forgot to take a picture of the front now that landscaping is in - so will have to post that later.