My little patio garden. (You can see in the background that they're starting to build a house behind us.)

The three photos above were taken on the temple grounds, after Church, Easter Sunday (Laura, Travis and their girls went to Church with his mom in the Garner building so couldn't be part of our photo shoot this time. Mike wasn't with us this time, either.)

The Easter Egg Hunt at Susy and Todd's house

Our efforts at a group photo didn't quite work out.

Holly, Lucy and Sophia waiting for the Easter Egg Hunt to begin


Lily and Claire

28 May 2011

Here it is nearly the end of May!! The days are flying by. I'm posting some family pics we took when we visited North Carolina at Easter. (And one of my little patio garden.) It was great fun to see everyone who was able to be there!

This month has been about planting — in our yard and in small planters on our back patio. (Some annuals - flowers, coleus, etc - and a few veggies) I love seeing the added color of all the plants and watching them grow.

Next week (or, possibly the following, depending on how things go) we're getting some landscaping done in the back yard. Right now we only have grass and a 10' x 12' concrete patio. I can hardly wait to have a few trees and some flowering shrubs. Will post some "before and after" pics when its all done.

And, as a follow up to an earlier post — I've added over 600 names to my family tree on ancestry.com in the past three months!! (See. I told you I was addicted!) Most of the names I've added are not actually in my direct line, but when I find info on a family, I like to add it (so the family can all be together. I don't want to leave out any siblings, spouses, children, cousins, etc.) :-)