14 November 2008
With only one hour left to complete my motor scooter certification, I skidded off the road and into a guard rail. Time and care will heal all the wounds - and I'm getting excellent care at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital. I just need to be patient during the process.

(postscript - June 2009) When I first posted this, I didn't feel inclined to include details. However, I now want to record that I broke seven bones (1 vertebra [the T10]; 3 ribs [7, 8 & 9]; my left hip socket; a pelvic bone; and my right femur) and I had a large laceration at the joint of my right hip and thigh.
Only the femur had any displacement so all of fractures healed well on their own except that one - which broke at the very bottom, just behind my knee. Of course, as long as I was confined to bed or in a wheelchair, it wasn't a problem. Once I started walking, though, the piece of my femur that was broken dug into my meniscus and was excessively painful. (more on that with the May 12 post)
The laceration on my right hip was quite large and required several trips back to "theatre" (which is what the Aussies call the surgical area) before they finally did a skin graft to close it up. One small artery in that area was severed in the accident and I lost a fair amount of blood at the accident site. I also lost some muscle in that area.
I'm grateful for all the tender mercies of the Lord in my healing process and happy to have made the progress I have since the accident.


Friday, 7 November 2008
Lucy Ellen Chabo was born at home at 3:15 am - weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz and 20" in length - and surprising her parents by not waiting until they could make the trip to the hospital. Travis performed his mid-wife role with his usual aplomb and Laura was a true pioneer. All went well and the EMS got there shortly after Lucy's arrival to take Mom and baby to the hospital. A friend from Church drove out to their place to stay with Sophia and Holly (who slept through the whole thing.)

We are blessed to now have one grandson and six granddaughters. (The Lord needs strong women in the days ahead.)