The Blocks are Complete

30 March 2013

The quilt blocks are complete! I'm very happy with how they turned out!!
And, I've begun sewing them together. I'm guessing I have about 8 – 10 hours more work in order to have it ready for quilting. (Sewing on the sashing and border, squaring up the completed top, sewing, trimming and squaring up the backing, and cutting the batting to size) Won't be long, now. Woohoo!!!

Light at the End of the Tunnel

24 March 2013

I'm getting excited. Several months ago I decided to make a quilt for our oldest granddaughter — as a gift for when she graduates from high school in June.
I found a sampler pattern and some fabric I like and have been making squares here and there along the way. It's a personal, lap-size quilt rather than a bed-size, but, the lap-size seems right for someone to wrap up in, and feel the love, as they head off to college or branch out in other ways after high school.
I only have 5 more squares to complete and will be focusing on finishing them this next week. Then I'll add the sashing. Very excited to see the final product.
I'll post pics soon of the assembled quilt top. Then (sometime in May) I can show off the completed quilt before I wrap and mail it.
This has been a real labor of love.


3 March 2013

Who'd have thought that, at my age, I'd be feeling completely rebellious so much of the time? I expected to mellow a bit more. But, no. Lots and lots of times I think of doing/not doing things that I, fortunately, am able to restrain myself from carrying out.

But, sometimes I feel like I just have a really bad attitude.

I'm grateful for so many, many good things in my life, and I try to be a good person — so, I don't quite understand what these feelings are all about. (Too much testosterone?)

I imagined myself growing into a loving, serene, kind and patient grandmother. . . Hmmmm. What's the opposite of that? I think that's where I really am.  :-/