Welcome 2014

9 January 2014

Christmas came and went and we had a good time visiting with family and friends. Our ward has a good-sized Empty Nesters group who get together once a month for FHE. We hosted the Christmas FHE this year and it was lots of fun.

Our family (those who live in the area) had our traditional Christmas Eve buffet at Susy's house. Lots of food and opening of gifts. Heather and Mark invited us to their place after we left Susy's and we played a new word game. Enjoyed that! We need to get together with them more often.

Since Bob and I are both ward missionaries (he's also the assistant ward mission leader), we've been giving out bags of m&m's to ward members to remind them of Pres. Monson's message for members and missionaries to work together to bring souls unto Christ.

We have also accepted our stake president's challenge to read the Book of Mormon by May 31, memorize the 25 scripture mastery passages from the Book of Mormon and give away at least one copy of the Book of Mormon before May 31.  Even though I never had the opportunity to attend Seminary and my memorization skills have diminished some from what they once were, I believe the Lord will help me "obtain His word" with this memorization challenge and have made a good beginning! I think 2014 will be a great year!