29 Mar 2010
Couldn't resist posting these photos of Claire with her big sister, Lily.


Mary Ellen Wade with great-granddaughter, Lucy Ellen Chabo
23 MARCH 2010
The same day that we welcomed our newest granddaughter I finished painting a portrait I've been working on since the beginning of the year. I set a goal for myself to paint a portrait of my mother with one of my granddaughters (from a photo taken last summer.)
I took an oil painting class about 10 years ago and hadn't had a brush in my hand since.
So, in January, I took a four-week portrait painting class - and though it built my confidence - four classes does not a painter make!
It was definitely a journey to do this painting, and I'm not sure what ever possessed me to begin it. But I am happy with the results. Granted, it will never be mistaken for fine art, but its a good first effort.
As soon as the paint is dry enough, I'm mailing it to my mother as a gift. (It was supposed to be for her birthday [Jan 31] but I didn't quite make that deadline. . .)


23 Mar 2010
We have another granddaughter! Claire Elizabeth Estes arrived at 8:43 pm on Tuesday, Mar 23. She weighed 6 lbs, 13 oz and was 18" long. Can't wait to meet her. I'm flying to North Carolina on Easter Sunday to spend a week with Susy and the family.
[ Note: The orginal pics I posted here disappeared (I think that I didn't save them to my hard drive but they were linked to Susy's fb page, and when she took them down, they were no longer available for this page.) So, I posted these. All but one of these was taken when Claire was about two weeks old.)


I love cake!
My own little cake plus a big one to share (not shown)
There are lightning bugs under those stars.
Opening presents.
Abby and Bob.

8 March 2010
A little over a week ago we drove to NC to celebrate Abby's first birthday. (Her birthday is March 3, but we celebrated it the weekend before.) Enjoyed the warmer NC weather as well as a special visit with our kids and grandkids residing there. Here are some pics of Abby at her party. Her Grandmother Watts made an adorable felt book "Buggy for Abby" that was the big hit of the day. As you can see, Abby loved her cake!

And a week later, here in VA, almost all of the snow has melted and the sun is shining. Makes me feel happy to see that sun!!