Our final post in Australia
19-21 Feb 2009

We took a flight early Thursday morning and enjoyed two and a half sunny days in Sydney. Our hotel (The Menzies) was beautiful and also conveniently located - making it easy to get to Circular Quay and from there to Manly Beach (where we hung out with Nemo and gang -promoting tourism in North Queensland - and dipped our toes in the cool water of the Tasman Sea.) The fabulous and famous Darling Harbour was not to be missed and we enjoyed a wonderful alfresco meal at the Passello Italian restaurant on the waterfront. Glad to see this beautiful city before we leave to return to the U.S.!!


11-14 February 2009

We flew to Cairns then took a transit bus to Port Douglas in North Queensland. (One of the main highways is called Captain Cook Highway.) Took a Great Barrier Reef tour on the Quicksilver and got to do an ocean walk as well as view lots of coral and sea life through the windows of a semi-submersible craft. Awesome!

We also visited the Daintree Tropical Rain Forest and saw the most magnificent birds and butterflies - amazingly bright colors!!

Loved this whole area and wish we could have stayed longer and seen more. Highly recommend it to everyone as a great place to vacation. We also had fabulous food this entire trip - which has not generally been the case when eating out here in AU.


3 February 2009

Sadly, I'll soon have to end this blog (though, maybe I'll start another.) Bob's job was made redundant here and we'll be heading back to the good ol' USA at the end of February. Don't know where we'll end up permanently, but it doesn't seem likely to be NC. Will keep you posted.

We're looking forward to seeing family and friends when we get back, but are sad to leave the wonderful people we've met here. Its been a precious time because of them.

We're going to see the Great Barrier Reef and also take a short trip to Sydney in the next couple of weeks, so maybe I'll have a few more images and notes to post before we go.

Re: my health -- the doctor has taken away my crutches and my back brace - assuring me that all my bones have healed - and I'm limping along on my own now. Exercise will be the best aid for my continued recovery so I need to be diligent with that. Am enjoying hydrotherapy twice a week and feeling its benefits as well.


I forgot to say that I like what the Aussies call those strands of tiny white lights that are frequently used at Christmas. Here they're called Fairy Lights. Isn't that cute?