Holidays are Here

25 November 2016

This Thanksgiving, Bob and I enjoyed spending the day with a wonderful family, the Talberts, whom we’ve known and loved for many years, but, haven’t seen most of them for a long time. We enjoyed the day immensely – even though we really missed being with our own family.

And, now, with thinking about Christmas, I love the Church’s Christmas initiative this year - for us to Light the World (#lighttheworld) this Christmas season. It’s truly inspired!
There’s a short video introducing it that is absolutely beautiful! I could watch it again and again.
The initiative is based on two scriptures: Christ said, "I am the light of the world." (John 8:12) Later, He taught, "Ye are the light of the world." (Matthew 5:14). 
Beginning with a worldwide day of service on December 1st, we’re encouraged to be a light to the world by following the example of Jesus Christ and serving others.
There’s even a small calendar we can download from with suggestions for ways to serve “25 Ways in 25 Days.”

After Thanksgiving, it didn’t take long to put up our few Christmas decorations. We got a free table-top tree at a swap shortly after we got here. Then, I made the “ornaments” for it – they’re pictures of each of our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren. At least they'll all be with us in photos this year. :-)
​I still need to make a star for the top, but, otherwise, it’s finished. 
Besides the tree, we have one nativity set, a couple of throw pillows, and something festive on the door, so we’re good to go!

We know we’re where we’re supposed to be, and there are many wonderful sights and activities all around us this year, but, we especially miss our family and friends at the holidays.

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