Beautiful Zion

12 November 2016
The other day, I needed to walk over to the Family History Library and on the way I captured this shot of the sun lighting the top of the temple. I love seeing this temple every day!! (And, knowing that it is only a 5 minute walk from where we live!!!) What a blessing!
And, although crews have been hanging Christmas lights on trees and shrubbery all around Temple Square since August, I wasn’t quite prepared for the fully decorated tree that appeared in the lobby of the Church Office Building on November 1st. (It is beautiful, though)
Once a month we're encouraged to take a whole day “off” so we can work on our own family history and take names to the temple. We are allowed to travel within a 60 mile radius of the mission, so that includes 10 different temples. We mostly attend the Salt Lake Temple because it’s so convenient, but we hope to attend all of them, eventually. When we first got to the MTC in late August, we attended the Provo City Center Temple. And, yesterday, we went to the Bountiful Temple. It was lovely!
(Bountiful Temple)
We feel blessed to be able to serve where we are, and, to serve with all of the wonderful people here! It’s a great place! 

And, finally, this week, I got my hair cut — and even treated myself to having it professionally colored. (I usually color it myself.) The color is a bit darker than I typically have it, but I like it!
I also ordered some new glasses, and can hardly wait for them to come in! Generally, I'm not a fan of selfies (at least, not my own) but since I turn 68 in a couple of days, I decided I may as well document it. Here's to birthdays!! May we all have lots of them! :-)  (And, at my age, I'm happy to say that I'm still flexible enough to touch my toes.) Heavenly Father has blessed me in so many ways!!

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Patti said...

Your hair looks great! I loved the sunlight on the top of the Salt Lake Temple shot. Mountains and temples everywhere. What a treat!