Its Been a Full Week

This past weekend was our stake conference and we were presented with the prophetic vision for each of us to: “Become, and help others to become true followers of Jesus Christ and enjoy the blessings of the holy temple.” 

What great meetings we had! 

On Saturday night, one member of the stake presidency quoted from Pres. Henry B. Eyring, who said, “As good as you are, you can operate on a higher spiritual level . . . to do this we need the Lord’s help, . . .and, Heavenly Father, and our Savior, Jesus Christ, are standing by saying, “Please, please let us help.” “

At our Sunday morning conference session, two of the speakers were Pam and Richard Norby. Brother Norby was the senior missionary who was with the two young Elders and one sister missionary in the Brussels airport when it was bombed this past March.

They both spoke softly about that experience; yet, their testimonies were very powerful! Sister Norby spoke of how she knew she had to turn her heart over to the Lord – and when she did, He strengthened her and helped her through. She spoke of the miraculous healings that have taken place for her husband and for the other missionaries.

Brother Norby still has difficulties with his legs, and though he could carefully walk to the podium unassisted and stand and speak to us, he did mention that he often uses a wheelchair. He spoke of the overwhelming peace he felt after the bombing and also of the great love he felt for the Savior as he laid in the airport waiting for someone to come help him. (He had tried to move but his leg was broken and much of the soft tissue destroyed.) The three young missionaries found him and one of the Elders gave him a blessing before other help came.

He talked about how, in the Book of Mormon, the theme for Laman and Lemuel was always, “This is a hard thing you ask of us . . .” - while for Nephi, the theme was, “I will go and do” -- It wasn’t I will go and know – because he didn’t know how he would do what he was asked to do – he just set out to do what the Lord commanded, and discovered the way as he went along. Bro. Norby referred to Nephi’s way as having 20/20 “foresight” – trusting in the Lord’s vision for the future.

He said he knows that the Lord comes to the rescue . . .we just have to hold on and trust in His ways and His timing.

Bro. Norby will carry the scars and other effects of the bombing for the rest of his life, but, he said, “When I look at the scars, I am reminded of my Savior’s love for me.” “Because of Him, I am not a victim, I am a survivor.”

I was deeply touched by their testimonies.

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Patti said...

Oh my goodness. What a special opportunity to be able to hear the Norbys talk about their experience. I could feel the Spirit just from your report on what they shared. Thank you.