A Full and Happy Week

15 OCT 2016
Its been a very full week. Though most of it was spent working on our usual mission assignments, there were other good things, too.
On Wednesday, we mailed off our absentee ballots, and, we also got our flu shots. (So, as one nurse said, we’re now “winterized.”) J
We also got a big surprise on Wednesday when Bob was called as the new zone leader! I will be his assistant. We feel like we barely got here, and didn’t expect this. It won’t be announced for a few more days, but, the current zone leaders are ready to hand things off to us! This will be interesting. . .
Friday we got to take a couple of classes at the Family History Library. One of them was on finding land records to help with genealogy research. I found the land grant patent for the 154+ acres my Grandfather Wade homesteaded in New Mexico in 1911. It was really exciting to find that! (For some reason many of New Mexico’s records (land and otherwise) are not on line, so I was happy to find this in the U.S. Bureau of Land Management records.)
After we finished our work on Friday, we met up with some old friends we knew in Missouri – from the Rolla Ward (our first ward in the church – since we were in the Berlin Servicemen’s Branch for only eight or nine weeks after our baptism.) Bob Talbert was the first bishop we had, and he and his wife, Bobbye, were tremendously welcoming and kind to us, and helped us become stronger in the church. They are also the ones who drove us to Utah during spring break of 1973 - and were our escorts for our first time in the temple. It was wonderful to see them again! They treated us to dinner and also invited us to join them for Thanksgiving dinner. They live just south of Provo so we look forward to seeing them and some of their kids at Thanksgiving.
Then, having already had a wonderfully full day, we ended Friday by attending the fall concert of The Orchestra at Temple Square. It was fabulous! Wow! Loved it!
Every Saturday since we've been here, we've had errands to run, but, today we get to stay home and just rest. Case in point, at 11:30 a.m. I'm still in my pajamas. Aaaahhhhh.
I did manage to go online this morning and snag a couple of tickets for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert, which will be fun. They're not fabulous seats, but that's okay. We're looking forward to attending that in December.

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Patti said...

Wow! Congrats on the new calling of zone leader and assistant. You guys will be great. I think it's awesome that you get to go to the Orchestra on Temple Square and Tabs concerts, and delighted that you got to spend time with the Talberts. It WAS really exciting that you found the land grant patent for your grandpa's NM homestead. So many cool things about your mission. Have a great week!