General Conference, Oct 1 & 2

2 October 2016

We’ve been enjoying General Conference this weekend! Like Pres. Uchtdorf, I, too, am awed by our Heavenly Father’s great plan of happiness for us! When he referred to the motto of Belfast, “What shall we give in return for so much?” my heart was touched. We have truly been blessed!
When Elder Hales talked about “quiet, unheralded service” I thought how that can apply to everyone serving in our mission (and probably to all who serve in the church, really.) Most of what each of us do is done “behind the scenes” and yet is so important. 
And, I loved when Sis. McConkie pointed out that prayer involves all three members of the Godhead. It truly is a sacred gift from our loving Heavenly Father that we’re able to commune with Him in this manner! 
Bob and I drove up to Immigration Canyon after we finished our assignments on Friday and enjoyed seeing a little bit of fall color – but, it’s not like what you see in the NC mountains. Made us miss home a bit. We also stopped at the This Is The Place monument on the way back.
We’re going back there next weekend with our mission social group. We’ll all drive up the canyon, then, stop on the way back for a picnic lunch at the monument. Since there are 15 in our social group we’ve decided to call ourselves the Happy 15. We’re going to try to do something together at least once a month.
 I was reminded today of something the senior missionaries were told at the MTC. “A true "senior moment" is when we recognize we are here to give our all to the Lord.” We are aiming to give all that we can to help the Lord’s work move forward.
Also, we finished the Book of Mormon challenge for September (Mark all reference to the Savior and His atonement), and have begun reading it again, for the October challenge (Liken the scriptures unto ourselves).


Patti said...

Conference was wonderful! My hubby has an ancestor on the "This is the Place" monument. Give a little head nod to John Pack for us when you go on your excursion.

Betty Crenshaw said...

Cool! We'll look for him.