Christmas Eve 2012

So — For a while there, I misplaced the cord that lets me upload photos from my camera and couldn't post anything. But, now that I've found it, I can share some fun things from the last couple of months.

We drove to NC for Christmas and enjoyed spending Christmas eve with most of the family, plus our friend, Catherine. Laura and Travis and their girls couldn't join us and we also wish we could have spent time with our grandkids in Chicago. But, it was fun to be with all who were there. Susy and Todd hosted the festivities at their house and we indulged in the usual Christmas eve buffet and then had our gift exchange.

In the fall, I started a quilt for Oliver — but, was pretty slow at finishing it, so, I finally delivered it when we arrived for Christmas. (Meant to be a new baby gift — but, he was 6-months old when he got it!!)

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Patti said...

The quilt is so cute - definitely worth waiting for!