Christmas 2012 continued

I was sick for most of December and about half of January. Started as a sinus infection and then just hung on and hung on and hung on. I eventually went through three rounds of antibiotics before I finally began to feel well again. Probably wasn't too much fun to be around me at Christmas!!

And, in my drugged stupor, I forgot to charge my camera battery, so only have a few pics from Christmas morning with Susy's family. :-(

After Christmas, I was able to get my hair cut by my favorite Cary hairdresser. (Hooray! Haven't been able to get a good cut the whole time I've lived in NoVA.) But, also had to spend time at a minor emergency center to get one of those rounds of antibiotics I mentioned above.
So glad we could visit with our NC kids and grandkids, both before and after Christmas day. Enjoyed spending time with them. . .

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Patti said...

I'm sorry you were sick for so long. Your hair looks great in the baptism pictures. Hope you can find someone closer who's as good as your Cary hairdresser.