Thanksgiving 2011

All these cutie pies!!

Our thanks giving tree

Three generations, Abby, Amanda and Sherril

Me and the twins (just a few days before their first birthday)

26 Nov 2011

We had a great time visiting family over the Thanksgiving holiday! We drove to NC on Wednesday, the 23rd - in time to wish Susy a "Happy Birthday!" And, we also got to see Laura and Travis and their family that day.

We spent most of Thanksgiving Day at John and Amanda's and enjoyed a wonderfully delicious meal that John cooked up for us. Amanda's parents were also there and we had a nice visit with them. That evening, a few of us joined Susy and Todd at Todd's parents' house for a plethora of pie! Oh my!! Chocolate, pecan, pumpkin, apple, cherry, etc. etc. Yum. Yum. It was great to see everyone there.

Friday morning I met up with Heather at her place. We planned to go browsing in some of the vintage clothing stores in Raleigh, but, discovered that they've all closed. :-( So, instead, we spent time in some of the shops in downtown Cary and enjoyed lunch at Serendipity. That afternoon, Heather, Mark and I met up with Bob, Sophia, Holly, Lucy and Lily and went to see The Muppet Movie. Then, we all went back to Heather and Mark's place and ate popcorn and pizza. What fun!

Saturday was our Crenshaw family celebration - since most of our kids had dinner with in-laws on Thanksgiving Day. And, we got to skype with Bob and Maria and Isabelle and Bobby. Unfortunately, we missed out on talking to Ryann.

I made a large Thanksgiving "Tree" that we hung on Susy and Todd's entertainment unit and everyone wrote something they were thankful for on a leaf and we let the grandkids tape the leaves to the tree. Included among the many things our family expressed gratitude for was:
little girls
the earth
and whales.

We and the Chabo's attended church in the Fuquay Ward Sunday morning and then drove to our respective homes. Already looking forward to the next visit! (Though, its likely to be a few months before we get back to NC since Bob and I are going to Ohio for Christmas.)

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