Christmas in Ohio

Sophia wanted to be sure Santa didn't have any trouble finding the tree!

Everyone watched a movie and enjoyed a scrumptious buffet on Christmas Eve.

The girls each got to open one present on Christmas eve — and, everyone got new pjs.

Even Rocky had a special Christmas sweater to wear.

Opening Stockings on Christmas morning. Lucy was more interested in the candy than the presents and at one point, with candy in one hand and a gift in the other, she handed her mom the gift, and said, "You open this." Then she proceeded to focus on getting the candy wrapping off.

Lucy in her Princess sleeping bag and tent.

Bob in his "Dr. Who" Bow tie. (All the men in the family got one this year.)

Alice and Penny on Christmas morning.
 Me opening presents

30 December 2011

On Friday, 23 Dec, we drove to Ohio to spend the weekend with Laura and Travis and their five girls. I know from experience that Christmas just isn't the same if you're not around family — and, its especially nice to be around the little ones at Christmas time!

We had pizza-and-a-movie night the day we arrived - which the girls look forward to every week. Then, on Christmas eve everyone enjoyed a fabulous Christmas Eve buffet - filled with lots of what have become "traditional" Crenshaw family favorites. We skyped with some of the family in NC and watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

On Christmas Day everyone opened their stockings and a few gifts before getting ready for Church. We had a nice, low-key Christmas service with lots of carols included. After church, we snacked and finished opening gifts. That evening Laura prepared a fabulous roast beast and we all ate very well, indeed! (I thought we were going to skype with Bob's family on Christmas, but somehow that didn't happen.)

We drove home on Monday, and were soon back to our usual routines.

Upon reflection I find that I'm looking forward, one day, to having a home where I can once again welcome family on the holidays - instead of being the one doing the traveling. (Bob has already said he doesn't want to go anywhere next Christmas. I'm not so sure about that. We'll see. . .)


Heather McKeon said...

Love Dad in his bow-tie! He looks great, should wear bow-ties more often. Sounds like you had a ton of fun. Love Sophia's sign for Santa and that Lucy was having Laura open her presents so she could eat candy. Hilarious! Also Alice and Penny look adorable in the little velvet dresses from my wedding. It's all too cute.

Patti said...

I totally agree. Christmas isn't quite the same without the kids. We had a bunch of them here so we had a party too. I enjoyed looking at your pictures from the Washington DC trip. The White House is beautiful at Christmas time. Your decorations for the Christmas party were so cute. Nice job!