Christmas Party Decorating

10 Dec 2011

I was asked to be in charge of decorations for the Christmas party at Church this year and had lots of fun with that (plus, I had lots of good help.)

I found a greeting card that inspired me to cut out lots of different sizes and shapes of trees from wrapping paper to decorate some large gray panels on the walls of the cultural hall. A bunch of women from church, thankfully, showed up one day and assisted with cutting out all those trees. Not sure I'd have ever finished if I'd had to do them all myself.

Then, I made a large felt banner to hang at the back of the stage where we had a place for Santa to stop by and visit with the children. It was fun to make the large reindeer, and, since the whole thing is made from felt, it can be rolled up and used for several years.

The day of the party, several people helped hang the trees and lights on the wall panels and decorate the seating tables. Bob helped me put everything up on the stage and some of the brethren helped set up all the tables and chairs.

The ladies in charge of the food did a fantastic job and we had a great party! All the food was delicious and served at the right temperature — and in abundance!! We had some great entertainment, sang a few familiar carols and had a delightful evening!


Heather McKeon said...

Looks fantastic! I'll be doing all the decorating for our Ward Christmas party this Friday - hope it turns out as well as yours.

Heather said...

Wow, love it. I really like how you used the long tables for the seating. What a great idea! I think that makes it easier for people to socialize. Love the wrapping paper trees and the reindeer too! Very clever!