16 January 2011

Last night we had fun at the first India Heritage Night held at our neighborhood community center. I would guess that at least 60 - 70% of the people there were non-Indian, like us. Since we haven't been in the community long, and this was the first social we attended, it was fun to meet people. One couple we met were Chad and Summade (sp?) who were both born in India. (Wish I knew their last name.) It was very interesting to talk to them - as well as getting acquainted with others at our table.

The food was catered by Banjara, a local Indian cuisine restaurant. (Delicious!) They showed an interesting video program produced by PBS about India's recent 60 yr. anniversary. (They gained independence Aug 15, 1947) After dinner we enjoyed a demonstration, with some participation, of a couple of traditional dances, and a small exhibit of various artworks. (bead work, wood craft, painting, etc.) I got to be dressed in a traditional sari (gorgeous, vibrant colors). Someone took my picture but I forgot to ask how I can get a copy of it. (Perhaps they'll post it on the community website.)

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