Alice in her blessing gown

Penny in her blessing gown

Travis, Laura and their girls

Me and Bob with 10 of our 11 grandkids

6 February 2011

What a great time we had with so many of our family in one place together! Wish Mike, John, Amanda, and Abby could have been there, too. They were the only ones missing.
Saturday night (the night before the blessings) we had a ladies night out as a kind of celebration for Laura. Six of us — Maria, Heather, Laura, Susy, Ryann and I went out to eat and had a great time.
The twins, Alice and Penny, were blessed in sacrament meeting on Sunday, February 6, 2011. Their father, Travis Chabo, gave them each a blessing and among those standing in the circle with him were Papaw Crenshaw, Uncle Bob Crenshaw, Uncle Mark McKeon and Uncle Todd Estes. It was very sweet and we all gathered back at Laura's afterward. That evening, after dinner, we had cake and sang "Happy Birthday" to Maria since her birthday was the next day. (Feb 7)
Loved, loved, loved holding those little babies whenever I could during the weekend. So glad we could spend that time together — and get some good photos as well.

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