The girls added their hair ribbons to the tree to beautify it.
Alice and Penny
All the girls on Christmas morning.

2 JANUARY 2011

Though this is mostly a post about the new year, I'm including some Christmas photos I like.

I spent some time yesterday (1-1-11) reflecting upon resolutions, goals, and objectives. I've finally realized that what works best for me is to figure out my objectives for the year. I can then set individual goals based on those objectives. (Forget resolutions.) Looking at the following areas: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Social/Emotional, I determined that my objectives for 2011 are: more exercise; more art; more reading; more learning; more friends; more love; more kindness; more prayer; and, more gratitude.

I've been at Laura & Travis's for a month now. I'm going home tomorrow and will miss everyone here. So, I've decided to create a book about some of the things we did during the time I spent with their family in 2010 - 14 weeks altogether. (10 weeks this summer and four now) It will be mostly illustrations with a bit of text. I doubt there will ever be another opportunity for me to be so present in the everyday lives of any of our grandchildren, again. It would be nice, but doesn't seem likely. Its been a blessing to spend time with them every day. (We did live with Susy & Todd for about six weeks in the fall of 2009, just before we moved to Virginia. It was great spending time with them and especially with Lily as a toddler, but I wasn't needed / involved in the same way.)

Travis was called to be the branch president of the Coshocton Branch of the Church just before the twins were born. Bob and I drove to Ohio on Dec 3 and on Sunday, Dec 5, Travis was sustained in sacrament meeting and, afterward, set apart for his new calling. Bob ordained Travis a high priest just before he was set apart. I stayed home with the twins so Laura could be there. (The twins are too small to take out in public, yet, so we've been taking turns going to church. It will be at least another month before its okay to have them close to so many other people.) Bob went back to Virginia that same day (Dec 5), then returned to Ohio to join us for Christmas and New Year's.

All three of the older girls got hula hoops for Christmas. Lucy calls hers a "hoopie hoopie." :-)


bobcrenshaw said...

Those are great goals/objectives for everyone. Wouldn't the world be a much better place if everyone chose, as you are, to focus on "more exercise; more art; more reading; more learning; more friends; more love; more kindness; more prayer; and, more gratitude."

You could always live with us for a few months if you want. I promise to be nice.

imabetty said...

Thanks, Bob!! :-)