Starting to Wrap Up

7 July 2018

It’s hard to believe that in two and a half weeks we’ll be on our way home! Not looking forward to a whole week of driving across country – but, definitely looking forward to being back in NC.

Thanks to our familiarity with the area, and the benefit of the internet, we’ve already leased an apartment, so we’ll be able to unload the car as soon as we get there. We’ll get some of our furnishings out of storage the next day. That’s when we’ve arranged for a mover to help get our stuff from one place to the other. I suspect we’ll be unpacking boxes for a while after that. . .

Last weekend we had a wonderful visit with some friends in southern Utah (Dixie) and thoroughly enjoyed the Cedar City and the St. George Temples. We also got to see Brigham Young’s winter home in St. George, as well as the Jacob Hamlin home. Interesting history. . .

And, we now understand why so many people we know have been moving to St. George. It looks like a great place to live!

On the way back to Salt Lake City, we took a break along the road and got a tour of Cove Fort. I didn’t know much about the history there, and, enjoyed learning about this site. If you’re ever traveling along I-15 between Salt Lake City and Cedar City, Utah, stop and take the tour!

I had my final visit with my orthopedic surgeon this week and he said everything looks good, but, it will be another 6 – 9 months before I’m completely healed. I also started outpatient physical therapy (instead of in-home) and since we’re here for such a short time, now, I have appointments to see them four times a week, each week, until we leave. I was hoping to be in a lot less pain, and, be walking without a cane, before we head home – so maybe these guys can get me there. We’ll see. . .

We didn’t do anything special for July 4th (went out for Chinese food and saw the movie Incredibles 2) but, we did manage to pack a few more boxes in preparation for our move.  

Yesterday, we went to the Jordan River Temple, and it was wonderful to be there! (They reopened in May, after an extensive renovation.) We’ve now completed our goal to attend all 12 of the temples that are within our mission boundaries, plus we got to go to three others that are outside the approved mission area. (There are only two completed temples in Utah that we didn’t get to – Monticello and Vernal.) 

On our way home, we look forward to making a stop at the Columbia, SC temple.

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