A Full Week

9 Sep 2017

Bob is still recovering from his foot surgery, so we didn't do much over Labor Day weekend. I worked on some quilt tops (sent one off for machine quilting and have three more, that I've been working on off and on for a while, that are almost ready to send off. Woo hoo!!)

The good news is, Bob's foot is doing much better now than last week!

We’re, of course, concerned over the devastation taking place all around the U.S. right now. Severe flooding in Texas; Raging fires in Montana, and many other western states, including parts of Utah; and, now, one of the largest hurricanes ever recorded, Hurricane Irma, has swiped across several Caribbean islands, and is heading toward the east coast of the U.S. We’re praying for everyone in its path.

We had a nice, but brief, visit with Tammy Davidson on Wednesday. It's great to see North Carolina friends! Tammy brought her daughter, Kiersten, out to start the fall semester at BYU-I in Rexburg, ID and they toured some of the area before settling her into the dorm. It was fun to see them!

On Friday, we also had a brief visit with Joel and Jacob Estes. (Joel is our daughter, Susy's, brother-in-law.) Jacob is heading up to BYU-I, as well, and they stopped to see some things along the way. It’s hard to believe Jacob is old enough for college! You turn around, and they grow up!

We got new assistant zone leaders this week and we are VERY happy with this change. The new couple, Elder and Sister Boyter, will be terrific! We appreciate the efforts of the previous assistants, but, they are going home in October, so it's good that they can have a break from the extra responsibilities before they go.

We enjoyed a session in the Salt Lake temple yesterday and could feel the wonderful spirit of the family file work we did. It was a lovely time.

This weekend, there’s a Greek Festival a few blocks down the road from us, so we may head over there later today and see if we can get some Souvlaki, or other goodies. :-)

The days are flying by. . .

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Patti said...

So glad Bob's foot is doing so well! I am also happy that Irma turned west and won't hit us, but sad that it didn't go east and back out to sea. The hurricane has already left a path of devastation behind it. I'm praying it will diminish in strength more quickly than they are predicting. I'm excited that you've been able to work on your quilt tops. Huzzah!