The Great Salt Lake

8 April 2017

It was a balmy 63 degrees and the sky was beautiful as I walked to the office early yesterday morning, so I stopped to take this photo.

​Now, they’re predicting snow for tomorrow! :-/

We did some family file temple sealings in the Salt Lake City Temple yesterday afternoon, and it was wonderful! Then, we decided to drive out to the Great Salt Lake since neither of us had ever been there. It was quite cloudy and overcast, so we want to go back again in the summer — and also to drive up to Antelope Island, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge. We’re told you can drive all around the island—and it’s only about an hour from here.
You can see Antelope Island in the distance in this photo.

We are continuing to be uplifted and inspired by readings in the scriptures, in Jesus the Christ, and, from selected conference talks. One talk from this week’s study is called “O Divine Redeemer” by Neal A Maxwell. It was the first talk he gave in General Conference after he was called as an Apostle, and it’s excellent! (Of course) You can either read or watch it on, and it’s a particularly great talk to hear or read during this Easter season.

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