The Gospel is True!

22 Apr 2017

We’ve had a wonderful week! Yesterday, we got to attend the Provo Temple. A beautiful place! Loved being there! We also saw the amazing stained glass window installation, at Utah Valley University (UVU), that was created by Tom Holdman and others. Fabulous! There are 80 separate, complete panels that used more than 600,000 pieces of glass. The project took 10 years, from conceptualizing to completion. There are classical references as well as cultural ones, and some members of the UVU faculty worked with the artistic team to assure historical accuracy. You could spend a long time taking it all in!

We’ve been reading in the Book of Mormon this week, and I've been struck, again, with how much our spiritual growth is stopped if we allow ourselves to become, as the scriptures say, hard-hearted and stiff-necked.

People in the scriptures who are described this way are ones who have turned away from God and toward the world. Their hearts are hardened against the Word of God. They become too proud, so, they won’t bow their heads in prayer—seeking for understanding and guidance.

Several years ago, in a conference talk, Elder Delbert L. Stapley said, “The heart is the hinge on the gate of our actions.” How important it is for our hearts to be in the right place!! 

I pray that I and all of my loved ones will have hearts that are filled with the Love of God!

The Gospel is true. It is the gospel of peace. And, our Heavenly Father loves each one of us.

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Patti said...

I saw the pictures of the glass installation. I didn't realize it had taken so long to complete. Amazing!