Mission Conference with Sister Wendy Nelson

18 February 2017

It’s been a full and busy week. We had a fairly large group (20+) full-time missionaries finish training yesterday, but, sadly, none of them were assigned to our zone. We’ve learned that one unexpected outcome of being under the Missionary Department, now is that they have so many needs throughout the world, they are not inclined to send people to Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City. (If people really want to serve in this mission, they can contact our mission office, and, with the assistance of the mission president, have a pretty good chance of being assigned here. But, it’s not like it used to be.) We’re praying that more local residents will want to serve as church-service missionaries, because we need them.

At our monthly Mission Conference this week, we got to hear from Sister Wendy Nelson (President Russell M. Nelson’s wife.) She is a wonderful speaker! She told an interesting story about when she was 24 years old and engaged to be married, but, was wondering a bit about the relationship. She had heard the promise that you can receive personal answers from the messages at General Conference, so she decided to give this a try. This was back when you only got the audio feed for conference (not like it is now), and she had a small tape recorder she used to record the messages so she could play them back later. She said it was the most amazing thing! In one session she listened to, every single talk was about marriage, and the message she heard with each talk was, “Do not marry this man.” So, after conference, she ended the relationship. Then, a few months later, she was asked to give a RS lesson about marriage. She went back to listen to all the talks at that Gen. Conference session, and discovered that not a single one of them was on marriage!! She pointed out that when we are prepared to hear, the Holy Ghost will speak to us – regardless of what a speaker may actually be saying. 

She also talked about some experiences she’s had with doing her own family history research, and I found it interesting because I’ve had some of those same impressions and experiences. Especially, with being wakened around 2 or 3 a.m., going to the computer, and finding a whole family that I didn’t have records for before! That’s happened several times in recent months! Yet, somehow I’m able to function the next day. . . and, it’s truly exciting to find these missing family members!

We feel blessed to be serving where we are, and especially, to be close enough to walk to the temple! (And, within an easy drive of several other temples.) It’s wonderful.

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Patti said...

Loved the story Sister Nelson told about her experience with prayers answered while listening to conference. I haven't had anything as dramatic, but have had many questions answered through conference talks. Hope you have some local people come help!