It's Still Winter

25 February 2017

As we’ve been studying the New Testament this year, and reading in Jesus the Christ, I keep coming back to the question, “What think ye of Christ?” Sometimes, it seems hard to always keep Him at the center of our thoughts and of our life. Or, perhaps, it isn’t really hard – but, it certainly takes focus. I'm trying to get better at that. . 

We had a couple of teaser days of almost spring-like weather this week, but then it snowed again, and it’s definitely still winter, here. I have a “countdown” sign just outside our cubicle at the office reminding us there are only 3 more Mondays until spring!
Early Thursday morning view from our window 

We were given free tickets to a concert by the Utah Symphony Friday night. What a treat! There’s nothing that compares to a live performance of good music! The first piece, by a Hungarian composer, Johann Hummel, was truly delightful, and the next number was a complete contrast of style. It was by a contemporary composer, Michael Jarrell, and, for me, it was kind of like listening to abstract expressionism. It was fun to find out later that was the composer’s intention. He wanted the listener to “hear” the colors. Bob didn’t like it, but, I found it interesting, and it was well performed. The second half of the concert was Brahms symphony no. 4, opus 98, so, for that, the orchestra lost half the percussion section, while more than doubling the strings. That part of the program was also excellent, and was much more to Bob’s liking. . .

I completed a quilt top this week. Of course, this would have taken me less than a week to assemble at home, but, my sewing time here is so hit and miss, it has taken me six months! (Can you believe we've already been here 6 months??)
Now I have to decide if I will take it home as is and finish it after the mission – or - if I should try to finish it here. I’m leaning toward taking it home as is. We don’t have much room in the car for all our stuff, and a completed quilt would take up more space.

Bob has started physical therapy on his shoulder and his knee. Hopefully that will improve things for him before long. He doesn't have much pain tolerance.

We hear the weather has been wonderful in NC this week. Sigh. . . :-)

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