What We Do in the Digital Imaging Processing Zone

6 January 2017

Since Bob became the zone leader for the Digital Imaging Processing Zone in mid-October, there have been a number of changes, and our responsibilities have increased in several ways.
We are in a zone that has people working on many different things and in several locations, so, we thought it would be good (and, hopefully, unifying) to have a zone newsletter.
I'm sharing our premier issue here, because it tells a lot about what we do in our zone (and there's more that wasn't listed.)
Here is the January 2017 issue of our news:

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Patti said...

I love the changes! Thanks for including the newsletter. That was really helpful to get a feel for your responsibilities. I LOVED the Broadway sing along activity! What a fun thing to do. We just got back into town after being gone for Christmas, so happy new year!