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14 January 2017

We had something funny happen in our zone this week. My husband is not a morning person -- but, as the zone leader, he conducts our zone devotionals first thing each morning. For a while now, he has stood up and said, “Morning.” And, when several people respond with “Good Morning.” He says, “I didn’t say ‘good’” . . . or some such thing. Last week, one of the sisters came in singing and he gave her a bad time, telling her it was just too early in the morning to be that cheerful. So, a couple of days ago, she secretly talked to others in the zone, and plotted a way to get back at him. When Bob stood up and grumbled, “Morning” the whole room burst into singing, “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ayMy, oh my, what a wonderful day!. . .” And, we all laughed and sang the whole song! It was a great way to start the day! (Naturally, Bob pretended to be horrified and plugged his ears.)

We got tickets to attend part of the Roots Tech (genealogy meets technology) conference being held here next month. It will be at the Salt Palace, which is pretty much within walking distance of us. Although I’m not a fan of being in a crowd of 15 – 20 thousand people, I think it will be interesting. We’ll get to hear LaVar Burton as one of the keynote speakers. Then, on Saturday, Pres. Russell M. Nelson and his wife will be the featured speakers. Of course, we’ll also take some classes and browse the exhibits in the expo hall.

Bob had to meet with a woman the other day (who heads up one of the departments our zone supports) to talk about their needs for missionaries to help with certain projects. While they were talking, she started recruiting him/us to run one of their data centers. He said, “Ummm. How about if we finish the mission we’re on, first?” I think it just goes to show how much all the departments are needing missionaries. We don’t seem to be able to fill the slots we have, and I know it’s the same in other zones.

We’re grateful for all the missionaries we do have, though. It’s a blessing to work with such dedicated and faithful people serving together to hasten the work of salvation. Its so different from any other work environment either of us have been part of. Not that there aren’t challenges, there are, but, we definitely feel we’re in the right place, doing the things we should be doing.
Today a small group* of us went to the Provo City Center Temple, then had lunch together. Really enjoyable day!
(*Us, Elder and Sister Tuinei, Sis. Wiltbank, Sis. Lowe, Sis. Filip, Sis. Kappel, and Sis. Aidarbekova)

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Patti said...

Hahahaha! Loved the Zipadee do dah story! (Or however you spell that.) Roots Tech sounds wonderful this year. Enjoy!