3 March 2013

Who'd have thought that, at my age, I'd be feeling completely rebellious so much of the time? I expected to mellow a bit more. But, no. Lots and lots of times I think of doing/not doing things that I, fortunately, am able to restrain myself from carrying out.

But, sometimes I feel like I just have a really bad attitude.

I'm grateful for so many, many good things in my life, and I try to be a good person — so, I don't quite understand what these feelings are all about. (Too much testosterone?)

I imagined myself growing into a loving, serene, kind and patient grandmother. . . Hmmmm. What's the opposite of that? I think that's where I really am.  :-/

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Patti said...

Isn't it crazy what surprises life brings, stuff I could never have imagined. I vote testesterone.Keep fighting those urges!