22 August 2011

Great week last week!! Laura came for a visit with her five girls. They arrived Sunday evening and were all here until Wednesday afternoon. Then, Laura took the three youngest and joined her husband in Hershey, PA (where he was in a class). Holly and Sophia stayed with us the rest of the week. Yay!!

We had a great time at the beginning of the week with everyone here, and, Laura was able to do some back-to-school clothes shopping for Sophia and Holly. Then, on Thursday and Friday we had "Camp Grammy" with just Sophia and Holly. What fun!! We designed fashions, made necklaces, went swimming, planned menus, made cookies, ate lots of fun treats, went shopping, visited the library, finger painted, learned to weave, read books, and, watched way too many Scooby Doo episodes. Good times!

Saturday morning, Aug 20, we drove the girls to Hershey, PA (a 2 hr. drive) to join the rest of their family and enjoy the day at Hershey Park. We played "Going on a picnic with Grandma" on the way there and they did a pretty good job of remembering all the alphabetic things we were taking on our picnic. They did, however, take issue with Papaw's "P" word being psychologist! :-)

At the park in Hershey, we went from ride to ride to ride — and Sophia, Holly and Lucy could hardly get enough of all the twirling and whirling. Alice and Penny were their usual adorable selves, and managed to catch a nap or two in the midst of all the hub bub. We finished our day together with a meal at Friendly's — then our drive home.

After our trip to North Carolina over Labor Day weekend, we will have visited with all of our children and grandchildren within the past couple of months. And, our summer bucket list will be fulfilled. We'll then be looking forward to the fall and winter holidays — and more opportunities to visit.


Heather McKeon said...

So fun! I am jealous. Looks and sounds like Sophia and Holly had a great time.

Next time Papaw will have to pronounce it like the Animaniacs: 'pee-cycologist'

They call me grandma said...

Grandchildren are the reward aren't they!! So glad you are having a wonderful family summer.

Laura Crenshaw Chabo said...

We all had SUCH a good time with you guys. It was nice to escape for a while. Thanks for letting us come!

Heather said...

What a fun Grandma!! It made me want to go to camp Grammy too. :)