Bust of Kennedy in the Grand Foyer of the Kennedy Center.

Dessert at the Kennedy Center Roof Top Restaurant, offered especially during the run of "Wicked"

View of the Potomac River from the Terrace of the Kennedy Center

A display of some of the costumes

16 July 2011

We finally got to see Wicked! Our neighbors, Al and Mary Dilascio, went with us to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in downtown DC. Because we wanted to simplify eating out beforehand, we made reservations at the Roof Terrace Restaurant inside the Kennedy Center. The meal was fabulous! And, just for the run of the play, they offered a special dessert – a pistachio mousse cake topped with a chocolate witch's hat. Yum! (Our granddaughter, Holly, saw a photo of this dessert and said, "That looks like witch pie!") :-)

And, the performance didn't disappoint in the least. It was excellent! The script had interesting plot twists with some funny and clever references to the original Wizard of Oz. And, the Music was wonderful – and wonderfully performed. Plus the sets and the costuming were amazing. Can't imagine the hours it took to create all those costumes. The detail and the beadwork were incredible.
All in all, a great evening out!

I'm now trying to convince Bob that we should go back in August to see a Chekov play starring Cate Blanchett!


Heather McKeon said...

I am jealous! I so want to see Wicked. And that dessert is amazing looking. Love it.

Laura Crenshaw Chabo said...

I'm glad both the play and the restaurant were good. I'd LOVE to see that play! Travis wondered if it had bad language and such in it and I wasn't sure. What did you guys think?

Heather said...

This is on my to do list. Someday... :) The pie looks so yummy!!