Living Room

15 October 2010

Today we had our walk-through of the new house. A few dings on the wall, etc will be fixed before the closing next week. The only big item is they forgot to pour the back patio when they poured the front sidewalk. That is scheduled to be done Monday.

Forgot to take a picture of the front now that landscaping is in - so will have to post that later.


Heather said...

Very very pretty!! I love a blank canvas too, this will be fun to decorate, yes?!

imabetty said...

Yes! I'm really looking forward to being past the moving stage (packing, unpacking, etc) and be able to do some decorating. Should be fun!

They call me grandma said...

So glad you will finally be settled again--too bad it is not here. How is Laura doing?? We are enjoying our little bundle of joy and Cara is thrilled to be able to function again. Looking back it was a small sacrifice for a great reward.

You have been through so much these last two years--have fun in your new home, you deserve it.

Love, Marta