Interesting Week

13 May 2017

This week started out kind of rough. As senior missionaries, a typical day involves about 8 hours of service. (That probably doesn't sound like much to some people, but, at our age, it feels like plenty.) However, Tuesday turned into a 13-hour day! (long story)

It has been improving each day since, though, and I’ve received some great Mother’s Day cards and gifts – plus some priceless pictures, hand-made by a few of our grandchildren! :-)

A funny thing happened Monday night. We had a joint Family Home Evening with missionaries from other parts of the mission, and, near the end of the evening, one of the sisters asked me, “What country are you from? You have such an unusual accent.” LOL!! (What!!?) 

I got to do some family-file sealings on Wednesday, and loved the sweet feeling that always comes with that. There’s nothing else like it.

Thursday, we had lunch with our friends, LouAnn and Randy Brady. It was great fun to visit with them and catch up on things back in NC. The time went by too quickly!

We’re excited for our daughter-in-law, Amanda, who is graduating with honors from NCSU today! (Wish we could be there to celebrate with the family.) She has a full scholarship to continue her studies at UNC this fall. Geology is her field. She loves rocks!

And, congratulations also go to our granddaughter, Sophia, for being inducted into the National Elementary School Honors Society! Woohoo!!

Yesterday afternoon we got to take a tour of the Church’s Humanitarian Center. I’ve been wanting to see this for years and am glad we finally did! The Church helps so many people, in so many ways, all over the world. It’s amazing! 

For Mother’s Day, President Tate has asked us senior missionaries to volunteer our mobile devices so the young Elders will each have a chance to do a facetime, skype, or hangouts call with their families. (They’ve just done regular phone calls before this — no video.) We have two young Elders calling from our place early in the a.m. and another set who will be here later in the p.m.  Between us we have two mobile phones, two laptops, and an iPad, so they can contact their families with whichever service works best for them. The four Elders who will be here tomorrow all serve in our zone, so we know them pretty well. We definitely have a special place in our hearts for each one of the young men serving here.

So far, on this mission, I find there are two things I wish for: that someone else would make dinner every night, and, that I could eat anything I want and still be healthy and not gain weight! LOL!! (Ahhh, fantasies!) Oh, well. . .  :-) 

We’re blessed to be serving in this mission with all the wonderful people who are here and are grateful, as always, for the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ and for His precious atonement.

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Patti said...

Happy Mother's Day Betty! The calls from missionaries was the highlight of many a Mother's Day. I think it's delightful that you get to provide the means for some of those calls to take place. I had no idea Amanda was into geology! That's Scott's field, and passion. And the accent thing is really funny. What accent? :D