Love Being in the Temple

25 March 2017

As you know, Disneyland uses the tagline, “The happiest place on earth.” I mention that because, recently, there was a sister who spoke at one of our mission devotionals who said our mission is “like Disneyland for senior missionaries.” LOL

While that sometimes feels true — and, it is a privilege to be among so many good people working together to hasten the work of salvation — this has been a challenging week. I’m looking forward to a little down time this weekend to recharge – and, also, to being edified during the General Conference women’s broadcast tonight. I don’t have a ticket to attend it live, so will probably watch it on-line.

It is a blessing to have leaders who encourage, and buoy us up, and, who help us to draw closer to the Savior. One of the talks we read this week as part of our “Christ in You” readings is by Elder Neal A. Maxwell. It’s called “Swallowed Up in the Will of the Father.” There is an audio version of it on line and it’s a talk I need to go back to. He speaks of how unconditional surrender [to the will of the Father] is what gives us victory, and yet, in the process we do not lose ourselves or who we are. That, in fact, we find our true self. I want to study this one more.

During their transfer day this week, we lost four of the young Elders who had been serving in our zone, and got six new ones — so, we now have two districts of young Elders in our zone. (Four in each district) We’d gotten kind of attached to the ones who were transferred out, and will miss them, but, are enjoying getting to know the new ones.

We went to the Bountiful Temple again yesterday, and, it was wonderful. I love being in the temple! All the cares of the world just wash away. . .

Then, last night we met up with the Hubbards and saw the latest movie version of “Beauty and the Beast.” Even though it’s the same story and songs we’re already familiar with, we enjoyed it.

We pray always for our loved ones at home and miss being with them.

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Patti said...

Back from the Grandma Tour. I was grateful to be home in time for Travis' funeral. It was very uplifting, and consoling. I am very excited for conference this weekend. Enjoy!