Giving Thanks

7 December 2013

Counting my blessing! For the first time in several years, we had all of our children and most of our grandchildren together for Thanksgiving. It was great!

We actually couldn't all be together on Thanksgiving day, so we enjoyed dinner with our son, Bob, daughters, Laura and Susy, and their families plus Laura's in-laws. Then, on Friday night, we had pie (More than we could eat!) and everyone was able to make it for that. I had brought home 6 different pie tins from my Mother's house and as part of our "pie night" I gave each of the kids one of their grandmother's pie tins. She was well known for her pies - and used to make pies for us every time she came to visit.

The Saturday after T-day, Alice and Penny (Laura's twins) turned three, so, we also had cake with our pie — to celebrate.

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