Slow and steady . . .

16 July 2013

 We're down to our final days in Virginia and are looking forward to getting settled in North Carolina. And, I find myself feeling antsy for the next couple of weeks to be past. (Where's that magic wand when you need it?) I've made numerous lists and ticked the boxes beside each completed item. We have gone through all the assorted steps of selling one house and buying another (except for the final closings) and we've scheduled the movers and the final move-out cleaning.

The house we're buying in NC will be our ninth one. We've rented quite a few places during our (almost) 45 years of marriage — but, this house will be the ninth we've owned.

And, right now feels like limbo. Physically and emotionally, we've begun disconnecting from people, associations and businesses where we are — so, we're not really "here" in the way you are when you're living somewhere — but, we're not yet there, either. It's bittersweet.

The moving truck will load us a week from tomorrow, and, we close in NC on July 31. Since we have a whole week between closings, we've decided to take our time getting to NC and to make the trip a kind of mini-vacation. I've been planning for a while, now, to visit the state archives in Richmond — to do some genealogical research — so, that's one of the things we plan to do along the way.

Logically, I know the time will pass, and, once it does, will hardly seem like any time at all. Yet, right now, it feels mostly like two weeks of just waiting. . .

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Patti said...

Ah! Limbo! I hope two weeks from now it will feel a lot shorter looking back than it does now looking forward!