Moving Back to NC!

14 June 2013

We’ve been keeping this under wraps for months, but I can now say that after almost four years in Northern Virginia, we’re moving back to North Carolina! We’ve loved our time here in Virginia, and there are many people and things I will miss, but it’ll be great to be closer to family . . . and to old friends.

Bob decided last fall that he wanted to retire this year, so, I’ve been paring down, packing up, and staging the house for several months. (I used to be able to wiz through these kinds of things, but, now I have to pace myself.) As it turns out, he may not actually be retiring, but has an opportunity that, if it works out, would mean changing jobs — with an eye to retiring in about four years.

We found a house we are in love with — in the Crooked Creek neighborhood in Fuquay Varina — and, though it needs a little work on the inside, we can hardly wait to move in and get settled. We keep pinching ourselves that we will be living in such a lovely home! (I’m already planning family gatherings in the beautiful back yard!)

Moving is never fun — and I’ve done more of it than many people I know — but, I’m very, very excited about this one!

My plan is to spend the rest of my life in this house (except for time away on a mission, once Bob actually retires.)

Our house here in VA sold about a week after we listed it and we’ll close on July 25. In NC, the closing is scheduled for July 31. Moving day is not far away, now!

Bob will stay in VA, working, until just after Labor Day, so, we may be back and forth some during the month of August, but, the days are flying by . . . and, soon, we’ll be home, again, in North Carolina.

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Patti said...

I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!! And that you're moving here! Happy, happy!