Bob Got His Woodbadge Beads

Bob, with his Woodbadge beads and neckerchief.

The owl patrol flag I made for him between the first and second campouts.

13 October 2012

About nineteen months ago Bob embarked on a journey to earn the BSA Woodbadge award. The first camp out was held in Feb 2011, the second one in April, 2011, and then each scouter who attended had an individual list of goals to complete in the following months.
Earlier this year, Bob completed all of his requirements, and, at a ceremony held Oct 13, 2012, at the McLean Stake Center in Falls Church, VA, he received his Woodbadge beads and certificate. He was one of 17 scouters to receive the award that day, including our stake president, Lynn Chapman. (It was an unusually large group!)
Most of the scouters who started with Bob earned their Woodbadge. A few people who started out with him were beaded in June. (But, only one other person from the Owl Patrol was in the ceremony with him this month.)
I didn't realize until Bob set out to do this how much was involved in earning a Woodbadge award!

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Patti said...

Congratulations to Bob! That is a lot of work.