Women for Mitt Rally

8 September 2012

     Yesterday morning I went to a Women for Mitt Rally! It was held at the Twin Oaks Riding Academy, in Leesburg, VA. Ann Romney was the featured speaker. Other speakers included women who are county officials, as well as some wives of state-wide candidates for office. (i.e. Susan Allen, wife of Senator [and former Governor of VA] George Allen, and others.)
Ann Romney looked great and spoke well at the rally for her husband, Mitt.

Pictured here is our bishop, Randall Smith, and his wife Nancy. Nancy owns the Twin Oaks Riding Academy where this event was held. I saw her a couple of days before this and she was so excited! Said she was just called out of the blue and asked if she would host the event at her riding stables. She said, "Sure" . . . and the rest is history. They got a few VIP minutes with Ann Romney before her speech.

 Candice Jones (left), also in our ward, is shown here with Susan Allen.

 Here's Candice with Ann Romney.

And, as is happens, we have two Nancy Smiths in our stake. This Nancy Smith (in green, center front) is someone I see each week in Scripture Study Class. Her husband is on the high council. There were several others there I knew from church, as well.

My Soapbox: Tonight, Bob and I went to see the movie "2016." Now I am more concerned than ever. (I used to think there were other events that might qualify to fill the prophesy that our Constitution would one day be hanging by a thread. But, now, I believe our current situation is what was meant.)
This election is the most pivotal one in my lifetime! Our very liberties and who we are as a nation are at stake. I pray every day for Mitt Romney. I am alarmed and heartsick at the thought of Barack Obama being reelected.
I used to think that the financial crisis Obama has led us into was because of his ineptness. Now I realize he has done it, and continues to do it, on purpose. I am very worried for our country.
I pray, pray, pray that people will see past Obama's rhetoric and will vote for Mitt Romney in November.

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Heather Winters said...

So cool about the Rally.

I echo your same feelings and thoughts about the election. A lady in my ward also saw the film and was telling us about it. So scary. Let's go MITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!