18 April 2012
We've been home a week now, and there are SO MANY pics I'd like to post, but, just haven't gotten through them all. We had a wonderful time, enjoyed beautiful weather, ate way too much amazing food (so now need to work on taking off the extra pounds we put on) and even had time to just relax and read along the way. It was lovely! (I did actually take a couple of yoga classes on board - balancing in a moving ship is an entirely new experience — but should have done quite a bit more exercising than I did. They had a large exercise room and almost all of the equipment was in use whenever I was there. Proof that many of those on board were more dedicated than me.)
I'm posting a few pics, just to give some of the highlights, and may come back later and add a bit more.

My favorite activities were snorkeling in St. Kitts and interacting with the Southern stingrays (which are tame and very gentle, unlike other stingray varieties) on Antigua.

The ship is massive, with everything anyone could want. And, each day that we were in port, as we returned to the ship from our day in the sun, we were greeted by pool butlers who offered us iced down hand towels to freshen up with before re-boarding. The butlers were waiting for us under a shaded canopy, holding trays full of the towels that were offered to us with silver tongs. (Cold beverages were provided, too.) Awesome!

Me holding a Southern stingray in Antigua

St. Thomas

Our ship, anchored in St. Kitts

Some street performers in St. Kitts

St. Lucia

St. Maarten

Entrance to the grand dining room

Here you can see the library on deck 10 with the game room located on deck 9, just below

Poolside in the Solarium (this was the adults only pool)


They call me grandma said...

Looks so heavenly--Cruising is the way to go--glad you had a great time.

Patti said...

What fun! I don't think I could actually hold a stingray though. Full marks for bravery!

Heather said...

Oh man, this sounds and looks soon amazing!! Thanks for letting us experience through pictures and glad you got to experience in person. Putting on my to do someday list. :D