Hooray for Fitness!!

10 October 2011

Since Labor Day (so, about five weeks) Bob and I have been making better and healthier choices about what and how much we eat. I've also increased my exercise and activity level. Its amazing how quickly your energy improves once you start exercising regularly! (again) I'm participating in a one-hour yoga class twice a week and use an aerobic workout video at home other days. Plus, we're spending a couple of hours square dancing, twice a month, with a few other couples in our neighborhood.

I slowed down so much after my cancer treatments (Apr - Jul 2008), my accident (Nov 2008), and during all those months of physical therapy (following my March 2009 surgery), that it really took a long time until I was ready to push myself. Feels good to be this physically active again!! (Of course, the fact that we moved four times between Aug 2008 and Oct 2010 may have factored into that, too!)

Even though Bob hasn't quite started on an exercise program (except for the square dancing) he's dropped a few pounds and made significant improvements in his blood sugar levels. And, I've lost a few pounds as well.

So, here's to good eating, exercise and good health!!!

Although its not what it once was, I'm grateful we still have the strength and stamina we have and I hope I never take it for granted again.


Heather said...

Go Betty!!! This is motivating. I lost my motivation for a few weeks after I sprained my ankle. Thanks for helping me find some more. It really does make you feel better. Perhaps I'll start tomorrow. :)

imabetty said...

@Heather - :-)

Patti said...

Good for you! Joyce Leach was asking about you at Brian's open house. She said to say hello.