Mary Ellen Wade with great-granddaughter, Lucy Ellen Chabo
23 MARCH 2010
The same day that we welcomed our newest granddaughter I finished painting a portrait I've been working on since the beginning of the year. I set a goal for myself to paint a portrait of my mother with one of my granddaughters (from a photo taken last summer.)
I took an oil painting class about 10 years ago and hadn't had a brush in my hand since.
So, in January, I took a four-week portrait painting class - and though it built my confidence - four classes does not a painter make!
It was definitely a journey to do this painting, and I'm not sure what ever possessed me to begin it. But I am happy with the results. Granted, it will never be mistaken for fine art, but its a good first effort.
As soon as the paint is dry enough, I'm mailing it to my mother as a gift. (It was supposed to be for her birthday [Jan 31] but I didn't quite make that deadline. . .)


Heather McKeon said...

It looks awesome! Are you keeping it or is it a gift for Grandma??

imabetty said...

I'm sending it to Grandma. I intended to say that in the original post, but had to run out the door, so just now added it.